Conditions of Registration at Speakeasy

Payment conditions:

  • Bank charges will take place between 1st and 5th day of each month.
  • Once a method of payment has been made it will be kept for the rest of the course.
  • Returned bank charges will have an additional charge of € 4.50
  • The course costs are calculated from September or October to June and are annual. Discounts are applied as follows:
    • Annual: single payment to be made at the beginning of the course. Discount of 15%
    • Quarterly: Payment in advance every three months. Discount of 10%
    • Monthly: Payment each month between day 1 and 5 (without interruptions between the months of September to June)
    • Family Discounts: 5% off
      (only one discount will be applied)
  • The reservation fee will not be returned once the new course has started.


  • Cancellations must be notified by giving 15 days notice in writing. Otherwise the full month charge will apply.
  • If requested, a pause during the course year could be applied and be charged 50% of the monthly fee.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel any group during the school year if a minimum number of students is not maintained.